Tim Gray (timgray) wrote,
Tim Gray

People destroying stuff for kicks

So, hearing about the riots in London is bad enough, but now it's spread to Nottingham, where I live. By luck I don't live in the areas affected, but still.

The BBC site's round-up of what's been happening seems to include a lot of fire bombing. They've targeted police stations, cars, and one of the main local colleges, which is the thing that gets me most. Lots of reports of people having their car and house windows smashed.

There's a good article on This Is Nottingham, which is tied to the local paper. Lots of comment from local people, who pretty much agree that these are groups of bored, stupid youngsters copying what they've seen in London. This quote from an anonymous youth worker stood out to me:
“People aren’t doing it because they are linked in London. They are doing it because they think they can get away with it.

“They are not interested in any issues. They aren’t real anarchists. They are just bored people and they’ve seen it on the news. They’ve seen what they are doing in Tottenham and thought they can get away with doing that.

“I just think it’s stupid. It’s a stupid thing to do. It’s just destructive.”

Unfortunately the comments to the piece have plenty of racism, consipracy theory and general ugliness.

Our Member of the European Parliament is recorded as calling for the army to come in and shoot looters and arsonists. I get the wish for decisive action but, er, no.

A thought struck me last night, when someone told me this had been going on: there's going to be a lot of broken-hearted parents out there when they find out what their kids have been up to.
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