June 18th, 2012



Wow, three months since I posted here! And that was friends-only. You may deduce that I'm not really using LJ these days.

I am now on Facebook - though I haven't really gelled with it and, at the moment, don't expect to be a big user. I was thinking about it for a while, but put off by its utter refusal to provide info to prospective users. In the end I went on because some groups I want to follow are happening there. Also a stream of occasionally witty blathering on Twitter at @timgray101.

Serpents' Teeth, a supplement for my Jaws of the Six Serpents RPG, should be out in the next week (assuming no weird stuff has appeared in the latest print proof). This is mostly material by other folks who've run Jaws for home groups and at conventions. Some great stuff.

I've got a new business called your|clear|info, helping people make great written communication - plain language editing, improving websites, etc. Early days, and I'm fine-tuning the concept organically. 

As part of thinking about that (helped by sessions at the excellent Inspired Entrepreneur community) I realised I wanted to turn all the thinking and reflecting about communication that I've been doing over the last few years into a book. So that's a current project, titled The Radio-Controlled Message Bottle. Aiming for a short ebook - I may be too pithy for my own good... I think probably print if the final size makes sense.

Another project on the boil is a simple generic RPG system. My regular reader will know this is an itch I get periodically. It's going to be called Rocket Amoeba and it may be good. It's certainly drawing on my experience with PDQ and my own stuff.