Tim Gray (timgray) wrote,
Tim Gray

[One of these days] Ministry of Thunder

This is something I picked up while doing the Chinese mythology supplement(s) for Legends Walk.  The thunder god Lei Gong is actually the head of a celestial Ministry of Thunder which takes on the role of punishing those crimes that mortal law can't or won't reach. Now that's a very cool name and an obvious hook for some project - the old "mysterious agency dealing with matters beyond the law" trick. Probably with some supernatural element, understated for the most part. Sapphire & Steel meets Men in Black with a slight dash of Dresden Files, or something. I have no firm ideas about it (if I were a comics publisher I'd probably do that; not sure how well RPGing it would work); it's just that there's a chunk of coolth attached to the vague concept.

The caveats would be whether folk would raise concerns (legitimate or otherwise) about appropriating Chinese culture; and whether the concept has actually been used somewhere before. If anyone has anything to say on those, please do.
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