Tim Gray (timgray) wrote,
Tim Gray

Jaws expanding?

I'm talking to a few people about the prospect of pulling together their adventures and setting tweaks into an expansion book for Jaws of the Six Serpents. Signs are positive.

If it comes off, it'll be the first thing I've published that I haven't written myself. I'd like to pull it together really quickly if I can, to tie in with an upcoming event, but we'll have to see whether that's workable.

I'm just emerging from a few days of nasty coldy stuff, and hopefully from some weeks of sinus-related unpleasantness, so fingers crossed that I'm about to get more thinking and doing capacity online. Other RPG projects I'd like to get on with are the Albion supplement (mainly GM info about the otherworlds), getting older products available in print at RPGNow/Drivethru, and writing up a minisystem I've been noodling with.

Beyond that, I don't know how much more RPG stuff I'll do. I certainly don't have a major thing in my head waiting to be made. (Though there are some little possibilities, if I make a connection that fires them up.) Might look at work hooking into more commercial rulesets. Might just leave it for occasional fiddling. It's one element of a life navigation phase in which I am in.
Tags: silver branch
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