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Have had a very boring web presence for, oh, probably the last few weeks, as I whinged about being fuddled and fatigued by sinus infection/cold type stuff. Included a tooth that had been on its last legs (roots?) for a while and had started to abscess. Had that removed last week, and of course there's an energy hit just from trauma, but it means at minimum I don't have that toxic load to deal with and can fight other stuff better; and at maximum it might have been a cause of the sinus trouble. Felt crappy over weekend but am starting to feel more with it than I have for a while. If any solar power were available today *looks out vainly* I might even be zippy. Ish.

Still in the process of selling Mum's house. It's sold subject to contract, but that leads us to an extended process with a few bumps along the way... What we're doing with the contents would probably look like a ridiculously drawn-out process to most folks, but we're nibbling away when we can get up there - as we did this weekend. I seem to have shifted mental position and am looking at it more dispassionately. Still a nice area to visit though...but that might change as we have to drain and deactivate the heating system soon!

The weekend 7-9 Oct I was at the Furnace RPG convention in Sheffield. Played Ghostbusters and Spirit of the Century on Saturday, a very silly version of Wilderness of Mirrors (rescuing Pippa Middleton from evil mastermind Carol Vorderman) and Hellfrost using FATE on Sunday. Caught up with some folks, and generally had a good time. It felt generally a bit more subdued this year, though that might just be me projecting my tiredyness. I bought a wheely suitcase to take some books up for sale - the case worked fine but unfortunately no books sold!

Took a short holiday to Wales in the last week of Sept. Had a good time, and was OK that week with sea air and unseasonal sunshine. Went to Llandudno and Conwy. Must put some pics up sometime - took lots. Got myself a Kindle to talke along, and it worked out pretty well once I got used to using it. Read the first two of Charles Stross' The Laundry series (budget-conscious branch of British intelligence repelling extradimensional monsters) - enjoyed them, but a bit of brain work is mandatory.

Looking ahead, I've got a couple of RPG supplements to get together, and am thinking about convention attendance in the next few months. Also need to get back to the wider life direction stuff. Go go gadget Tim!
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