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Crumbs, I haven't updated this in about three weeks! Time was, three days would have been a long break. I'm in a gradual process of falling out of love with LiveJournal. The community buzz has mostly evaporated, as folks have taken up with other social media. In particular, I think most people I know are flinging their thoughts into the ether via Twitter these days. Which makes it all more ephemeral but satisfies the need to feel you're communicating. I'm doing that myself, in fact. Also, I'm getting heartily tired of the quantity of spam comments on LJ, even despite their multilingual education potential. I started www.timthinks.net for public-facing opinion/polemic stuff. At some point I may well move a personal blog to Wordpress too.

Anyway, what have I been up to? I'm continuing to emerge from the sinus etc funk of the summer months and am actually doing some work on RPG publishing stuff now, though I need to re-educate myself on focusing and getting amounts done in a day. The peril of doing stuff for yourself; quite different from when I trooped off to the office for the day job under obligation to other people. There are supplements in the works for Jaws of the Six Serpents and Albion, due to come out as soon as I can get 'em ready!

On the personal front we're still in the process of selling Mum's house, and things are looking hopeful right now.

My main focus the last few weeks has been Dragonmeet, a one-day RPG convention that took place last Saturday in London. I was actually a (modest level) sponsor of the con, and had a Silver Branch stand. I had a really positive experience on the day. My main objective was to get Albion in front of people to increase the buzz, and I was able to show the book to lots of folks. I'd taken most of my other stuff as well. There was a good level of sales, covering a goodly chunk of the costs, which is always nice. Some folks were running Jaws and Albion at the con; many thanks to them. I was also one half of the panel on small press publishing, which was well received. Unfortunately the recording being made by Paco from GMS Magazine has got corrupted, so you'll have to take my word for it! DM is always a good networking con, and although I was on the stall pretty much all day I was able to exchange quick hellos with a bunch of folks.

The Dragonmeet experience was slightly marred on the way back to my B&B, when I tripped climbing the kerb with my suitcase full of books and did an impressive roll in front of folks at the bus stop. I've been nursing tenderised ribs and diverse bruises since, though it'smostly mended now. Shazbat. So that was added to post-con tiredness and possibly getting too cold before the pub lunch on Sunday, so apols that I was a bit muted, but it was nice to see people and chat a bit more.

I was slightly taken aback at the con by a few people wanting to know when the supplements will be out. In my head I'd only just started talking about them... So, yes, now to focus a bit more on those. And do some more of the life navigation that I was going to be doing the last few months and has got derailed. I shall need to be thinking seriously about income generation in the new year.
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