Tim Gray (timgray) wrote,
Tim Gray

Pivotal objects, transplanted

Yesterday a van of stuff arrived. My sister and brother-in-law had arranged to bring the furniture and objects we wanted from Mum's house, some for them and some for me. Apparently when I'd packed my boxes on Friday I'd done a rotten job.  ;)  One fell through; we're hoping nothing important got broken.

It's another stage of the end of an era. Linda says the house looks really bare and horrible now. (Though there's some more bits to bring, and the big furnitures are going to a charity shop when we finish the process.) On the other hand, it's good to have these things where we can look after them, and carry them with us. Lots of them have got stories.

Linda has the stone seat from by the rhododendrons: a big slab, apparently dug up from the garden, provenance unknown. I have the kitchen table of forty-odd years tucked away in the garage... from pure sentimentality, as I can't use it at the moment. The folding stepstool that intrigued me endlesslessly as a child will have to find a corner somewhere. I've just hung a picture on the stairs - a former cushion cover, of flowers embroidered masterfully by Grandma. And so on.

Perhaps Santa will bring me a bigger house. :\
Tags: family, housies
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