Tim Gray (timgray) wrote,
Tim Gray

Happy new year!

Oh, I missed wishing the LJ peeps happy Christmas. Well, hope it was. Dad and Beryl came down and took me over to sister Linda's on Christmas Day, where there were 11 of the extended clan. Unfortunately I was in the early stages of a cold so not terribly sparkly, but it was nice to see everyone - bit weird to do it all in one day. The cold has lasted all of Christmas week, limiting me to short shopping trips. Would have liked to get more done and go to a couple of movies. Will have to catch up this week!

In terms of years past and to come - well, of course 2011 turned out to be dominated by losing Mum, and all the arrangements following from that and zipping between here and Yorkshire. After a false start the house sale is now going through, so if all goes smoothly we'll draw a line there in the next few weeks. That will be sad; but also important for moving on. More positively, I got my Albion RPG out after several million years, which had been a major life milestone or millstone, probably both. I came out of a boring job to take the chance of some life navigation but then had difficulty using the time well due to sinus infections etc.

So I went to post on a forum thread about new year plans and realised I don't know much about what I'll be doing in 2012! I am working on supplements for two of my games, and want to get those out as soon as I can, and I'm tinkering with a little generic system that I'll put out for cheaps. Beyond that I have no ideas about RPG/creative stuff. Financially I have options I've never had before, though that goes with a responsibility to be wise and careful. I need to get an income, which could be a job or an assemblage of self-employed stuff. Goodness knows which of those looks more dubious at the moment! So that needs a bit of focused attention soon. And some holidaying and visiting people and stuff.

Some foundations for the future, some enjoying myself more. Those sound about right for non-resolutions. And perhaps getting dressed before lunchtime. Excuse me.
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